The Essential (6 body parts/12 sessions)

The Essential (6 body parts/12 sessions)

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We are finally open! If you want to upgrade this deal later on to get more body parts, you can by just contacting us.

Want to talk to us right away? Call us at 📞514-759-7939 or contact us via email!

We have over 500+ reviews on Google, take a look for yourself!

Which technology do you use? We use LightSheer Desire and Fotona ND-Yag laser 1064 (for all skin types 805/1060), a cutting edge technology that's significantly faster and more comfortable than traditional hair-removal methods. Treat your body parts every six to eight weeks! Here's a list of all the body areas.

How does it work? You choose a body area (except the face) before coming to the clinic and we apply the laser treatment every six to eight weeks. Once the treatment is started, we can't switch to another body part.

Why are prices so good? Our clients love us, we have over 500 reviews on Google and counting. 

Do you treat all skin? Yes, we treat dark and light skin!

Do packages expire? No.

Will I be able to get a refund? Yes, if you haven't started any treatment, you can get a refund no questions asked.

What happens after I buy? Call us to schedule your first session or bring your receipt to our offices!

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